Quality of the partnership is determined by the following factors.

Firstly, all Universities in EU Member Stated in Consortium possess the developed Educational infrastructure (in technical and didactic senses) and high-level expertise of their academic staff in the declared field.

Secondly, part of Universities in EU Member States and in Consortium have long-time collaboration with the Universities of Partners` Countries. For example, LUT, KTU and VU have double-sided agreements with BSU collaborating on scientific and educational questions during last 5-7 years. These universities have experience to cooperate in the aspects of physics.

Thirdly, BSU, BNTU and BSATU have very long collaboration in transfer of knowledge organizing Belarussian conferences “Information-educational problems of energy saving” and  their academic staff  have regular exchange of experience in the declared field. These 3 Universities, possessing complementary skills, expertise and competencies, have developed Training Plan for the 1st year testing in framework of the applied project that foresees the use the existing laboratories and laboratories under development of Belarussian partners to improve the inter-university communication and also students and academic staff  skill and expertise. In accordance with this plan BSU will give an opportunity to use its laboratories “Energy efficient house” and “Solar cells and PV materials” for training of students of BNTU and BSATU, BSATU – laboratories “Renewable and alternative sources of energy (heat pump,  heat solar collector, etc.), BNTU – laboratory classes for the study of pyrolysis of biomass, utilization of natural low potential heat by using heat pumps and heat pipes, and laboratory “Fuel cells”. During the 3rd year of the project and some next years beyond the time of the project running by 12 students and 2 teachers from each University will have every year one-week training course in these laboratories in each University-partner.

The joint efforts of the Partners from EU Members and Partners Countries Universities result in the improvement of educational basis of the last and will favor the development of infrastructure needed for the intensification of use of energy saving technologies and renewable sources and hereupon give real economical benefits to the Partners Countries of Consortium.

The specific of expertise and contribution will be from other EU partners, as RTU, TTU and KHBO, UDJG in order to build effective and qualitative lecture courses in  electrical efficiency as well as in the application aspects of efficient solutions in electrical engineering and power distribution systems.

There are strong team from Azerbaijan, and the leading university in engineering from Kosova are partners of the projects. The project covers national priority of  curricular reform in electrical engineering as well as to bring the educated electrical engineers to the market, to decrease of electrical energy consumptions due to using of energy efficient solutions in the industrial applications.